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 Welcome to the Checklist Inspections Website! Odds are you're here to find an inspector for the property that you're looking at. I really can't think of another reason for you to be surfing for home inspection companies. So, lets assume that's why you're here. You found that perfect house. Now education 101 starts. You can either have it inspected or not. Not having it inspected is not a good idea. You want to know more about the property and the condition there of. That's where the inspection comes in. It's an visual inspection, a snap shot overview of the property, if you will. You're paying for a concise non-emotional knowledgeable feed back on the property. It's your chance to discover the condition of said property with an unbiased non alarmists delivery. Whether you're checking out home inspectors on your own or with the referral of your realtor it can be overwhelming in what to look for in a home inspector. Experience in the field should be on top of the list. How many inspections the inspector has performed and the length of time in the field. Cost may be a factor also but choosing the least expensive inspector is not always the best. In any field and area there will always the low cost person. We're not saying they're bad but sometimes you get what you paid for-- the basics. Effective communication should be on the same level with experience. Communicating the issues with you is very important. You will and should have questions when going over the report with the inspector. Ask and if your not sure if you understand the answer, ask again. This is the time for understanding and knowledge of the property you're looking at. You want to come away from an inspection with a clear overview of the condition of the property. We recommend that you take notes of any question or issue you want to address at the time of your inspection.