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Indonesia Arrests 34, Blocks Internet in Papua to Help Curb Violent Protests

US News & World - 21 hours 37 min ago
By Agustinus, Beo, Da and CostaJAKARTA, Aug 22 - Indonesia has cut off internet access in eastern Papua to prevent provocative posts online from...

Epstein May Have Gamed the System From Beyond the Grave

US News & World - 21 hours 37 min ago
Jeffrey Epstein took steps in the days before he died to shield his fortune from the dozens of women who say he sexually abused them when they were teens.

French Yellow Vests Join Global Activists at G7 Counter-Summit

US News & World - 21 hours 39 min ago
By Antony Paone and Geert De ClercqHENDAYE, France, IRUN, Spain (Reuters) - Anti-globalization and climate activists have teamed up with yellow...

Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer Dies at 73

US News & World - 21 hours 43 min ago
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Former Australian deputy prime minister Tim Fischer, whose rural voter base was critical for the introduction of tough gun...

Ocean Viking Rescue Ship Awaits Port Access in Latest Migrant Standoff

US News & World - 21 hours 45 min ago
By Pamela Barbaglia and Stephen JewkesMILAN (Reuters) - Two charities running rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea have said Italy has ignored...

History Organization Accepts Mass Shooting Memorial Items

US News & World - 21 hours 59 min ago
A history organization says it will preserve and archive items left at a temporary memorial to victims of an Ohio mass shooting earlier this month.

Police Search for Sniper Who Shot Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff

US News & World - 22 hours 2 min ago
By Rich McKay(Reuters) - A sniper opened fire at a Los Angeles County sheriff's station on Wednesday afternoon, wounding a deputy and sending...

Animals looking for loving families - Midrand Reporter

Home Inspection - 22 hours 5 min ago
Animals looking for loving families  Midrand Reporter

The Midrand SPCA is looking for homes for a number of loving animals up for adoption. The adoption process includes a home inspection to ensure that the ...

Rohingya Still Fear Safety in Myanmar, Repatriation Unlikely

US News & World - 22 hours 9 min ago
The repatriation of hundreds of Rohingya Muslims appears unlikely to proceed Thursday after many who were eligible said they didn't want to return to Myanmar without safety and citizenship guarantees.

California Man Pleads Not Guilty to Beating Infant Son

US News & World - 22 hours 23 min ago
A Southern California man has pleaded not guilty to badly beating his 2-week-old son, who also had methamphetamine in his system.

Vermont Diocese to Release Priest Sex Abuse Report

US News & World - 22 hours 24 min ago
Vermont's Roman Catholic Church is expected to release a report into allegations of sexual abuse against priests in the state.

Pilot Says Plane Crash Into California Ocean Was No Stunt

US News & World - 22 hours 32 min ago
The pilot of a small plane that went down in the waters off Northern California is a self-professed thrill-seeker whose stunts have sometimes gotten him into scrapes.

Asian Stocks Mixed After Wall Street Rebound

US News & World - 22 hours 33 min ago
Asian stocks mixed after Wall Street gains as investors look ahead to Fed chairman's speech.

'I'm sorry': Park visitor returns heart-shaped rock to Great Smoky Mountains with apology letter

USA Today - 22 hours 33 min ago

A tourist named Karina returned a heart-shaped rock to Great Smoky Mountains National Park with a donation and an apology letter.


Alaska's Kenai Peninsula Experiencing Drought Conditions

US News & World - 22 hours 34 min ago
Alaska's Kenai Peninsula is experiencing drought conditions after going for more than three weeks without rain.

Alaska Conservation Officials Join Effort to Move Fuel Tanks

US News & World - 22 hours 35 min ago
Alaska conservation department joins U.S. Coast Guard in overseeing removal of diesel fuel tanks near eroding riverbank.

Sanders, Harris Set for Showdown in Delegate-Rich California

US News & World - 22 hours 37 min ago
Bernie Sanders is promising to win the California presidential primary next year, but home-state Sen. Kamala Harris is preparing to defend her turf.

Hawaii County Officials Say Telescope Protest Costs Over $3M

US News & World - 22 hours 37 min ago
Hawaii County has spent more than $3 million on overtime and other costs as a due to Thirty Meter Telescope protest.

Hawaii Official Says Overcrowding, Other Factors Caused Riot

US News & World - 22 hours 38 min ago
Hawaii official says overcrowding and numerous disruptions to daily inmate life sparked rioting at Maui jail.

Augusta to Boost Safety of Events Like Annual Biker Toy Run

US News & World - 22 hours 39 min ago
The Augusta City Council is considering a safety proposal aimed at reducing the odds of another tragedy like one during the 2017 United Bikers of Maine Toy Run.
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