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What's Inspected During A Home Inspection


Why get an inspection?

What you’re getting is peace of mind and knowledge. Knowledge of the property before you buy it, is a valuable way in making a decision to invest or not. To ensure that you have a full understanding of the condition and of the running components of the home. Inspectors go up and in places that the average owner doesn’t. They have experience and up to date knowledge of the components that are required for a functional property. Not many owners go on the roof to check for cracked tiles, into the attic to check on the level of insulation, the venting system of the HVAC or condition of the trusses. If it's a seller owned property and they have disclosed the condition of the property, they could have issues they aren't even aware of.

The other is the Bank Owned properties. Where there are no disclosure's. They are being "Sold as Is". It's extremely important to have the property inspected. You and/or the realtor don't know the condition of the home, sometimes you will know how long it's been vacant but that is the end of knowledge. Even though the bank states as is, as with any other home or property, you may ask for any repairs. Discuss this with your realtor.  Whether the home is new or 50 years old you should want to know the condition of the property and it's important to have it inspected by an independent inspector.

Beware of “Uncle Louie”

He is the relative or friend, that may or may not have construction knowledge; he is brought in to assess the property instead of paying an inspector. The problem is “Uncle Louie” may not understand the systems or components that a professional inspection consists of. He also may find it difficult to objective because of his relationship and the emotion of the buyer. A home inspector will give an accurate, impartial analysis of the property.

What is included in the inspection?

A professional inspection will identify any issues and offer solutions. It’s a visual inspection and analysis of the physical structure and mechanical components of the property.

We follow the AZ Board of Technical Registration guide lines

and American Society of Home Inspectors guide lines

Included are the Standard and Practices of Home Inspectors. We usually start on the outside of the property; gates, side walk, foundation, patio roof. Check the fencing, drainage away from the structure, pool, outside features, siding, AC unit, roof etc. Garage door, water heater and other garage components looking also for signs of termites and or other pest. Irrigation system and and timer. Water meter is checked, this is important especially with vacant property. Examine Electrical panel. On the interior all doors, windows, flooring and cabinets are inspected. Electrical outlets and light fixtures are checked. Water is run for 20 min., sorry it’s needed, we want to ensure functional flow and drainage. If there are any leaks it will show. We run the appliances in the kitchen, laundry room and throughout the property to ensure working condition. In the attic we check the trusses for any cracks, twists or tweaks. Insulation is measured. Vents are checked for attachment, twist, curve radius and properly sealed. If you have hired us for the termite inspection, this inspection is carried through out the inspection also.


We can see through walls

No, we’re not Super Man but we’re close. We use a Fluke Thermal Imaging Gun. Now that’s a real toy! It’s an infra-red temperature differential tool used to detect low or no insulation in outside walls, water infiltration from roof leaks, bad breakers, hot wires in walls. It’s mainly used on New Home Warranties, property less than 6 years in age or upon request for a minimal fee.



Our reports are narrative, computer generated report that includes digital photos of any issue, the summary is printed on site. Included is an informational book that has important information for property maintenance. The reports are emailed to all parties on the evening of the inspection along with the termite report.


Check, cash, credit card, or favorite dog are accepted.



Pricing is on the square feet, year and other features of the property. Do call our friendly office staff for a quote today.



We can usually get you in with a few days’ notice for an inspection.



Home inspections – both resale, new construction, pre-sale 

Phase inspections – during construction (pre slab pour, framing / pre-drywall, final walk through) and fund release inspections

Thermal imaging

Termite Inspection

Commercial property

Multi-Family Units

Can I be present at the time of inspection?

You are more than welcome to attend the entire inspection. Keep in mind that the inspector does have a routine that he usually follows for the progression of the inspection.

If I can't attend the inspection, can I have someone else attend?

Yes, you can designate who you want to attend the inspection.

Do I have to attend the inspection?

No, not at all. We do encourage that, if at all possible, you attend the "wrap up". It's towards the end of the inspection, the inspector will go over the results, the findings of the inspection. It helps to put things in perspective, you can visually see what the inspector is referring to. We also encourage you to make a list of questions or concerns that you may have ahead of time. You will be given a printed summary at the wrap up and you can make notations on it for future references. 

What if major issues are found?

Depending on the issue and severity, we will call you and or the realtor. Explain the issue to see if we should continue with the inspection or not. The choice is yours and the realtors.

What if I choose not to go through with the purchase and decide to look at other properties?

In the case of the first property not closing escrow we will charge half of the base price for the 2nd inspection. If there is an 3rd or 4th inspection we can work with the cost of inspection with you. Our main goal is that you're in a home that you have knowledge of, are comfortable and secure with that knowledge, not that "it'll do".

What if I'm out of town or international?

We will email the reports to you. If you have any questions or concerns do contact us and we will go over them with you.

How long does the inspection take?

Generally, it's usually 1 hour per 1,000 square feet of property, but that changes with the year and other components such as pool, spa and guest house, etc.

How much does it cost?

On average the inspection is around 1% of the cost of the property.

Do I pay at the time of inspection?

Either at the time of the inspection or before with a credit card.

Is there a pass or fail with an inspection?

Not in Arizona. We present the findings that are present at the time of inspection. It's up to the buyer to make the decision if the findings are acceptable or not.